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Help XName
Why should I contribute ?
  XName.org is a free service for everyone, but contribution is required if you breaks some parts of the disclaimer.
As every service, it needs servers to run on, network equipements, hardware replacement/extentions, bandwidth, and rackspace.

To help us, the first thing to pay the monthly bills is.... Money.
To continue, we always need to improve our architecture with powerful hardware servers, and most of all, routing hardware. This is only possible due to financial contribution of our users... Please if you like the service, help us keeping it online !
Finally, as we're always happy to see happy customers, tell us writing postcards from around the world, or mails !

Please note that all sponsorship proposal are studied, simply made an offer.

If you wish to contribute, you don't need to give us thousand euros, or a server. You can just send us some money - no upper or lower limitation, you can give all what you want. The only important point is that using PayPal or MoneyBookers, less than 5 USD (or Euros) is highly charged, so this is the minimal amount if you want us to receive something :)
You can address your checks (French only !) to the following address, labeled to "XName" or "Association XName":

Association XName
c/o Yann Hirou
9 Place Pompidou
92 300 Levallois Perret

Account infos for wired transfer are available on demand.

It is possible to donate using MoneyBookers, send money to donate@xname.org

Donation using PayPal is possible - please avoid donation under 5 $ (or euros). Send them to donate@xname.org, or use this link for Euros or this one for USD.
Some requested ability to do automatic donation each month. Use following links to donate 5 euros/month, 10 euros/month, 15 euros/month, 20 euros/month.
Same permanent donation is also possible in US dollars, with following links: 5$/month, 10$/month, 15$/month, 20$/month.

Please don't do anonymous donation, for tax reasons we need to know who are donators. You will be "honorific" member of XName association for the current year. Insteresting, no ? ;)

Contributor list
  Due to lack of time for updating, we've prefered to temporarly remove the list, as we know how boring it might be to contribute and to see only old names listed. Sorry to all our contributors, but thanx to all of them - we need your help !
May 22. 2013: suppression of a blacklist checked during zone creation. Answering always 'true', it was blocking the new zone creation.

May 1st 2013: web server was unreachable since April the 30. at night. The server has been re-installed.

March 31. 2011: web server was unreachable the last 48 hours. hardware issue solved. Only web access was impacted.

September 21. 2010: lot of problems with ns1 during the last days - the service is beeing reinstalled on a new hardware

February 16. 2010: Following intermittent problems with our database servers during the last 3 days (index corruptions, etc) we moved to a new dedicated server. More than ever we need your support: Contribute!

To reach administrators, use email address xname at xname.org. Be sure that your question is not already listed in the FAQ.
For spam problem, use abuse at xname.org.
Contribute !
If you like this service, please contribute. This service exists only thanx to some people generosity. If everyone gives a little something, it's a further step to a long-term service.
Warranty & Disclaimer