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XName - Dynamic Update
  If you have a computer connected with a dynamic IP address, standard XName interface won't fit your needs. You need a way to automatically update your DNS record in your zone, to have your computer reachable even when changing its IP address.

Companies like DynDNS are providing such service. To run this for your XName-hosted zone, you have two solutions.

Solution using an external service
  When subscribing to an external service, you will have a fixed name to connect to your computer, whatever its IP address is. To reach it as mycomputer.yourzone.com instead of myaccount.externalservice.org, simply add a CNAME record on XName in yourzone.com, for mycomputer, pointing to myaccount.externalservice.org.
New CNAME (1): Alias Name (A record)
No extra configuration is needed on XName, you just need a client on your computer to automatically change IP address on external service DNS servers.

Solution using only XName service
  XName can provide you with the same feature.
The only point is that there is no windows client at this time, except if you can run python or php script on your windows machine.

Firstly, on your XName interface, switch to "Advanced interface" in your preferences page.
Then, on your zone modification page, set the TTL of your dynamic A record to a low value (something like 10mn, ie 600, looks good).
Finally, install a client on your computer, and run it each time your IP is changed.

Here is a little client written in python, and one written in php (save source, rename it to client-https.php, put it on your local web server, and access this little local page to modify your remote IP address - you need to have xmlrpc installed). Here is an other one written in PHP, to be run in command line... no web server needed ! (save source, rename it to whatever.php, and run it when your IP has changed)

Note : using "*" as old IP address deletes all previous record with given name.

If you wrote your own XName xmlrpc client, contact us, we will be happy to publish it here.

May 22. 2013: suppression of a blacklist checked during zone creation. Answering always 'true', it was blocking the new zone creation.

May 1st 2013: web server was unreachable since April the 30. at night. The server has been re-installed.

March 31. 2011: web server was unreachable the last 48 hours. hardware issue solved. Only web access was impacted.

September 21. 2010: lot of problems with ns1 during the last days - the service is beeing reinstalled on a new hardware

February 16. 2010: Following intermittent problems with our database servers during the last 3 days (index corruptions, etc) we moved to a new dedicated server. More than ever we need your support: Contribute!

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For spam problem, use abuse at xname.org.
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